Things must have changed now, i guess.  when i grew up, we were made to believe that there are only three career choices, which gives money n respect. Doctor(d), engineer(e) and IAS(i). sucess = d/e/i. everything else is failure. there is a sanskrit shlok that i read in school and still remember some bit of it…..madhyama dhanam ch manam icchanti……means middle class wants both money and fame. the other lines of the sholka translates to…..upper class wants only fame and lower class wants only money.  but middle class wants both. the logic of fame n money came from there, i guess. 

i grew up in dhanbad, a non-metro city known for its coal mines. my parents never told me what to do and what not, as far as my life was concerned. they always supported me in my decision. but somehow the social structure was such that i also realised sooner or later that there r only three options in life.  i was good in painting. used to make potraits of shammi narang, salama sultan n others….those popular faces who used to read news during DD days. when they would read news, i would paint their potrait by watching them on tv. my parents wanted me to take painting classes as well. i resisted. how can someone be only painter ? i want suceess (= d,e or i). never wanted to be a failure. engineering sounded mechanical. so, i decided to be doctor or ias. something that will affect people’s life as well. doctor – i could not crack the entrance. ias was next thing. but not anymore. figured out the rackets of life very soon. ended up being a journalist after doing mass comm course. no regrets.  sucess is highly overrated. its all about what u want in life. the way u feel happy. good will hunting


met an old school friend recently. he is doing MD. both of us have changed a lot. different profession. different life. discovered recently that still we r in the same business somehow. read on……

आजकल किस रौ में जीए जाते हो,
हर सवाल का जवाब ‘शायद’ ही ‘शायद’ कहे जाते हो
शब्दों की मुफलीसी के शिकार तो ना थे तुम,
या किसी के उल्फत में हो गए हो गुमसुम ।
रोजी रोटी की कसीस
रिश्तों में नहीं है अब वो तपीश
दुनिया से यूं ही कुछ खलिश
या जीने का कोई फलसफा ही नहीं ?
शायद हाँ
शायद नहीं
शायद पता नहीं
शायद सोचा ही नहीं।

बचपन का एक पुराना यार मिला,
बस सवालों का सिलसिला चल पडा ।
वो डॉक्तर बन गया है
और मैं पत्रकार ।
एक अरसे बाद मिल बैठे हम यार
दिल खोलकार कुछ बातें हुई चार।
ज़िन्दगी ने दोनों को बडा़ बदल दिया था
बस तनिक बातें, एक सी कर गया था ।

कौन, कैसे, किसका, कहाँ, क्यों और कब,
इन्हीं सवालों का जवाब ढुंढ रहे थे हम अब ।
वो भी,
और मैं भी ।
वो अस्पताल मे, मरीजों के संग
मैं बाहार, देख रहा था सर्कस का हर रंग ।
उसके सवाल कुछ ज़िन्दगी ज़रुर बदल रहे थे
मेरे, बस कुछ बदलने का ढोंग रच रहे थे ।

हर रोज़, सुबह शाम
दिन बितता है, बस सवालो के नाम
कुछ रंग-बिरंगे, कुछ श्वेत-श्याम
कुछ सीधे-साधे, कुछ टेढे-मेढे
कुछ सहमे-सहमे
विडम्बना ये की सब बिके हुए,
बडे सस्ते से।
चलते-चलते मैंने उसकी ओर
और उसने मेरी ओर देखा
एक दुजे के कई अनसुलझे सवालों को पढा
और सोचा
क्या ज़मीर अब दुनिया से यूं ही नदारद रह जाएगी ?
कब तक ?

singer-lyricist swanand kirkire gave me some nice feedback on my ramblings. hav been dancing on his head for quite some time for this. said…take out i, me and myself. realised he was right, damn right. everything that i was writing in my mobile sms draft box or putting it here was the same…main hi main. life seen thru the same prism. my prism. have to change this. seriously.

btw, here goes four lines by him….on similar theme….as they say….sau sunhaar ki ek lauhaar ki…i took four thousad lines to say the same n he did it in four lines….ha ha ha….


ज़िन्दगी सवालों के जवाब ढुंढने चली
ज़वाब में सवालों की एक लम्बी सी लढी मिली,
सवाल ही सवाल है
कि सुझती नहीं गली
कि आज हाथ थाम लो,  एक हाथ की कमी खली॰॰॰॰॰॰॰॰

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4 टिप्पणियाँटिप्पणी करे

  1. fantastic analogies and beautiful flow. reminds me of little things that we dont think of everyday. 🙂

  2. now this is called desperation…but what the heck…the doctor friend whom i hav mentioned in the post…msgd this one after reading it…(told him to post it here.but since he didnt,m doing it myself n unloading it from my msg box)…..”patients think docs r agents of god…docs dont think so…they know they r humans…but often vainly prefer to enjoy da tag…hum ko maloom hai jannat ki haqiqat lekin dil ko behlane ka ghalib yeh khayal accha hai..A:-)”

  3. Resonated with me. Loved every bit of it. A huge improvement. And sometimes many lines are needed to put across the feelings rightly and sometimes a few lines suffice.

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