phir Saath Saath….

……!!! that was my first reaction. yes wow!! am generally not too excited about sequels and remakes as far as hindi films or bollywood is concerned. but when i read that raman kumar is planning to make sequel of Saath Saath, got too excited about it.

simply love the film. starring farooque(or farooq) sheikh & deepti naval, (love both of them!!!) the film deals with middle class dilemmas. career. money. values. principles. priorities. how to balance ? tough choice to make. a story without much glmaour factor, a hero who belongs to middle class. no larger than life. its about life. 

the film starts with college romance between farooq and deepti naval. And then how they n their priorities change with time. post-marriage. lot of us also go through same kind of feelings. choice between good money n comfortable life and bad money n not compromisng your values. middle path ??

in the sequel, the story will deal with the dilemmas of farooque n deepti’s son. hopefully raman kumar will deliver again. looking forward to this one..

the best part about saath saath….it has some evergreen ghazals. kuldeep singh’s music,  javed akhtar’s poetry and jagjit singh’s voice, sheer magic. nothing else. all songs r superb… tumko dekha to ye khayal aaya, ye tera ghar ye mera ghar, ye bata de mujhe zindagi, kyun zindagi ki raah me majboor ho gaye. And my favourite one….pyaar mujhse kiya tumne to kiya paaogee…..

pyaar mujh se jo kiya tumne to kyaa paaogee

mere haalaat ki aandhee me, bikhar jaaogee


ranj aaur dard kee basti ka, main baashindaa hoon

ye to bas main hoon, ki is haal mein bhee zindaa hoon

khwaab kyoon dekhoon, kal jis pe main sharamindaa hoon

mai jo sharamindaa hua, tum bhee to sharamaaogee


kyoon mere saath koi aaur pareshaan rahe

meri duniyaan hain jo viraan to viraan rahe

zindagee ka ye safar tum pe to aasaan rahe

humasafar mujh ko banaaogee to pachhataaogee


ek main kya abhi aayenge diwaane kitane

abhee gunjenge mohabbat ke taraane kitane

zindagee tum ko sunaayegee fasaane kitane

kyo samazatee ho mujhe bhool naheen paaogee

will it be magical again ?

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